The Black List / Warner Bros. Submission Call

Hey Franklin... can you answer two questions about the Blacklist's "Use Policy." Found some language buried in there that, even though I didn't know WTF it using your site, I automatically agree to. Don't think any writer looks at this stuff, so would appreciate the clarity:

1) It says that the Blacklist's " liability to a writer for any and all claims relating to the writer's use or inability to use any service on your site, or content listed on the site, shall not exceed $25."

So, that basically says, if my script doesn't load on your site for three months and you don't recognize it on your end, despite my paying for those three months, the most you'll reimburse me for one month. If I have this wrong, can you explain?

2) This little doozy must be important, because it's the only section bolded on the Use Policy. It say that the writer "acknowledges that he's read and understands Section 1542 of the California Civil Code and that the writer waives all his rights to that section, and to any law anywhere, there protects the writer in a smilier way."

I can only imagine the percentage of the Blacklist's users who've actually read AND understand what they are signing away to use your site...unless there are a lot of writers out there well-versed in CA civil code. But, from what I understand about that section is that it works like this...if a company does something that causes a foul smell in your home, you can sue them and the company will likely settle. But let's say, six months after the settlement, you find out that the same company is responsible for mold growing in your can't sue/settle with them ever again. It basically means...the company will take responsibility for screwing you once...even if they're screwing you in nine different places that you don't realize yet.

Can you clarify that this is what you're asking writers to give up to use the Blacklist? And if so, why?


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