'Black Lives Matter' spray painted on UT's Confederate panel

wow. don't break your arm jerking yourself off there, buddy. I really don't give a good god damn about any confederate statues before or after they got defaced. They are just pretty gestures someone made that we can admire and honestly there are people who carry and honor more of the southern legacy in their breakfast. As you are aware, there are much bigger things going on and surely you can see that these things on the news are symptoms of this disease. When I was a kid, it was a simpler time. Cops could re-enact their favorite scenes of a clockwork orange on the side of the road til camcorders came along and the things that NWA sung about were so far removed from my life it was exotic. I really don't care if each confederate statue in the US were crushed and made into section 8 housing and I think the people defacing them are reaching their target. What I do think about when these statues are defaced are not the memories of some peckerwood, but that two men and not just one are missing their day in court.

It didn't take the lense of history for the abolitionists to see the injustice of their time and I would like to think that we shouldn't either. How many white people thought that institutional racism died with the civil rights act and still believe it even in days like this? More than just a few. Back to the statues: I can understand the logic behind defacing them and I think it is something that should be accepted so long as we accept that no one will be held responsible for those who murder servicing the status quo.

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