Why Black Men Don't Date Black Women; According to Essence Magazine. Spoiler Alert: You May Laugh, You May Cry.

I would like to say that I agree wholeheartedly with the comment that keeps getting deleted for some reason because people can't handle a decent intelligent discussion. I copied and will KEEP reposting. With a diff profile every 20 mins if you keep banning, until you just have to shut the thread down. Don't be scared now MODS . Allow non angry discussions to happen. Otherwise you don't deserve your title. KEEP REMOVING AND ILL KEEP POSTING. I HAVE ALL DAY TODAY. COWARD.

This is dumb bullshit.

Sure there are some UNCLE TOMS ...but there are just as many AUNT TAMMYS that share the same sentiment. That labeling is black on black stereotyping. It is promoting social segregation as a people. Those terms are as racist in themselves as referring to your own people in derogatory epithets such as Nigger or Slave. But it's used in this situation it for selling out or changing. A large percentage seem to be simply loving who they want to love. Don't people have that right? Whether the person they want to be with is the same race or brown or Asian or white or tie dye or even the same sex, isn't that their right? To choose and it not be judged by other people and their agenda for what other people should do with their personal lives? For a group about people who have to deal with so much of societies bullshit and extra issues being put on them, this is pretty fucking hypocritical. How is it if your natural biological attraction, that mostly you have no hormonal control over, make you racially disloyal? Black women should not be tripping and trying to find reasons to place blame for the fact that black men may or may not have preferences that don't fall in line with their ideal racial agenda. And vice versa for black men. But as we all know, most black man don't really give a flying fuck what color person black women wanna date. In fact nobody of any race or gender should be spiteful and draw lines of racial loyalty based on what race the other sex seems to prefer. Would you tell a Mexican to stick to their own cause you want to keep it black and not be an Aunt Tammy? Or a your kid to keep it straight and not be a faggot cause it's your pref? Sounds very non inclusive of people's right to choose love. Very insecure about diversity and bigoted. That makes about as much sense is coaching, biasing and leading your child to date within their race for the good of black people. For pride and strength. If white people did anything remotely close to that, can you imagine the outrage of black parents if a white child fed thier black child that rhetoric at school? "Date within the race dear! It's for the betterment of our people to segregate our selves to keep the culture strong! Don't want to be an Uncle Tom now do ya?". THAT is dumb bullshit.

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