Black Met inspector stopped by police while driving home from work

This really means a lot to you doesn't it? You won't leave it alone. I can't speak for the veracity of your links, or your absolute attitude that opines all your opinions as fact. It's getting tiresome for something that literally started as an offhand comment.

If you wish to continue this crusade, do some more research for me on Dawn Butler's other accusations that she was regularly mistaken for a cleaner in the lifts of the House of Commons. I would be far more interested in whether you can get some actual evidence either way that this actually happened. If so, it's disgusting and wrong but she does seem to have built a bit of a reputation for calling things with no available record of events, exactly what you are still accusing me of.

You also only confront the points that suit your position, totally ignoring the parts that don't. I mentioned before I would like to see the bodycam footage of the conversation because what she has released has been highly editing out the copper's side of the conversation but you don't want to talk about that part do you?

I've asked you several times to just leave it but you are more interested in being up on your own pedestal, saying wrong, wrong you are wrong I am right. You don't engage in actual discourse. This is evident in your history visible here on reddit. The stepladder up to your high horse must be enormous. You also revel in having a contrary opinion and attempting to patronise. You love to cherry pick an argument, clip quote a single statement, then use that as the entire basis for your next attempt at patronisation. I think you've been redditing too much for too long.

So please, please, will you bugger off, unless you can move the conversation on and as suggested, look into the veracity of Ms Butler's other accusations re racism towards her in the house of commons on a regular basis.

I still saw what I saw on that day and frankly, that's the last time I paid any attention to it. Also on research, I cannot find any evidence of a video with a backwards sky logo, I can only find a comparison where the logo is the correct way round and she is not mirrored, she is in the correct position in the passengers seat, so I don't know what you were on about in your initial offhand statement.

Dismount that horse and please, don't come back to me again unless you have something new and actually significant to add. You must surely be as bored of this conversation as I am by now.

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