Black Ops 4: Launch Party Up Thread

Platform: BattleNet

Username: Magoogoo #11382

Gamemode: Blackout

Objective: Grind out wins

Mic?: Required

When?: (At launch and beyond)

Location: NA/ (we are west coast)

Any extra information: We are older age military and civil service veterans that used to game at a higher level in Counterstrike, Overwatch and others (leagues, tournaments, ect) . A few of us are small affiliated streamers trying to network and grow with other channels and relationships.

We used to be humbly decent at shooters (some of us stubborn old geezers still think we are) We use to have a large team speak server and clan, group, murder, gaggle? Now it's just the older group hanging out, telling half truthful war stories and blasting fools in a video games. We plan on running games all weekend and the streamers are most likely marathoning and will need some carrys. In the 1 day of the beta we tricked people into letting us win 11 or so times so let's get some dubs and make friendships over the wine in the skulls of our conquered.

No need to be a veteran or old and cranky like us, just semi mature and funny half the time (even if you think it's all the time)

If our squad is full they'll be more and you can bring friends to the team speak

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