Black Ops 4 is more greedy and monetized than any EA game.

COD 4 - absolutely fantastic, simple yet revolutionary

WAW - liked the zombies, never played the campaign or multiplayer

MW2 - absolutely fantastic...haha (love me a good noob tube)

Black Ops 1 - absolutely fantastic. one of the best stories in video games period, multiplayer was good once they sorted out the shit connections, zombies was very fun

MW3 - pretty fun and I played it quite bit, could've been better

Black Ops 2 - one of my favorite games of all time. Absolutely everything is perfect about it. The campaign is amazing, the multiplayer is super fun and balanced, I personally enjoyed every zombies map (even Tranzit), and the game's presentation in general is A+.

COD Ghosts - i loved it despite what everybody says. Infinity Ward captured the depressing atmosphere very well. The base maps killed this game though.

Advanced Warfare - got bored of it after a month. campaign was decent.

Black Ops 3 - sold the game after a couple months. Campaign was ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE, multiplayer tried to become a hero shooter and catered to shit players, zombies was shit too (/r/CODZombies overrates BO3 zombies so much)

Infinite Warfare - never played but heard good things about the campaign. Multiplayer still looked like shit though.

WWII - got bored of it after a month. Campaign was boring, multiplayer was boring, zombies was boring. Straight up boring game.

Black Ops 4 - by far the most absolute trash COD of all time. only bought it because they said League Play would be returning (which never released until long after I stopped playing). There was no campaign, the multiplayer literally took no skill, the zombies was hot garbage and Blackout is just fucking boring.

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