Black Sheep of Reddit: What makes you the black sheep in your family?

Not me, but my sister. Wonderfully hilarious girl, even if she has some big flaws with relationships.

Anyways a couple of years ago, when she was in grade 11, she got caught having sex in the living room by my mum and the resulting argument was so bad I left the house and still heard it from two houses down. After that, things deteriorated rapidly with her and even after we got family therapy for both of them, all that happened was my sister bashed her head with a remote.

One time, she ended up on the front page of the local newspaper for being part of my school's art initiative, and she ran back home to show my mum only for my mum to ask her "So what? When're you going to find a job?"

The worst part is being the favorite child and I don't really want to be because I feel like my sister's jealous of me sometimes, even if she does show she cares.

Anyways, things are kind of cold right now between them, and my mom constantly shits on my sister for things I get away with, even though she's the one going to college and studying somethng she doesn't even like.

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