Blake Griffin's smooth 180 block

Please point out where I called you or your post racist. I didn't. And you jump to that as a defense.

Which is very interesting actually. We're reaching an ironic point of losing the entire concept of what racism is, only not in the way those who fought so hard against it ever intended.

You are only worried about the perception of being racist, not actual racism. You are flip-flopping so much it's clear you have no actual personal opinion. You are parroting.

And no, I am not asking for a derogatory term like mullato to return, but for a word to identify a mixed race person. So that we don't have labels like black and white, but one label for everyone.

You want a word to identify a mixed race person, but don't want a term like mulatto to return. Mulatto was never a term to identify a "mixed race person". It is a term to identify specifically those with one black and one white parent. You called it a derogatory term, and then immediately called for another term to identify those people.

Then you go on to say so we don't have labels like black and white, but one label for everyone. Despite you asking for a new label for a "mixed race person" when you actually a new label for mulatto.

We already have one word for everyone. It's "person". We have one word for every gender. It's "human".

I think your rhetoric is extremely disingenuous. I don't get offended at anything, but I get disappointed.

You are trying so hard to not be racist you've missed the entire point and find yourself bordering actual racism. You are addressing race as if they are not actual people. If you think you are not, go asked the Blake Griffin how he feels about being a "mixed race basketball player".

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