Blanket NDAs are now illegal. What can you finally tell us about your formar employer?

Long story short - Environmental engineers working in renewable energy do not give a shit about the environment and what solar development contributes to clean energy, they want the payout and the payout they for sure get, men will not hire women (I am a woman) if they have children, even though they are 10x more qualified for a position due to the possibility of having to leave work early to pick children up from school (that was a fun round table post interview discussion with me and the 4 “execs” men @ the start up I worked at, my company intentionally lied and forged documents to TWC to not allow the bookkeeper we hired, told was fully remote, then changed the role to be in office, so she would not get unemployment benefits as a single mother, CEO got sloshed and missed a hearing in NYC after a night out, but since he went to Yale and his dad sucks the big balls of someone all was good, and then I (the woman) for fired when Covid hit VIA TEXT before a $48k payout for my role in the financial close of a 350MW project. It was super fun. I hope they rot in hell.

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