Blatant aim-botting in COD from current top streamer

There's this cheat that's not exactly aimbot or wallhack. I don't relly know how it's called. Aim-key? Basically you hit it and your aim goes towards opponents head. You can use it for scouting without bringing to much attention to your behaviour. From viewers perspective you just aimed at "random" spot or simply "lifted your mouse" and it went a bit crazy.

When he sprays his aim jumps to "random" spots like his switching targets but we don't see them. Only after dude comes from behind the vehicle we see there's someone there but I feel like he shouldn't have any idea there's anybody there. If he's using this kind of cheat there's probably one more person somewhere at the parking around the spot his aim went to first.

This came to people attention when CS:GO pro flusha started having wierd situations like this. and obligatory note for those that don't watch CS:GO. No players don't see the outline of other players.

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