Blatantly broken Battleground interaction.

I presume it was the crocolisk that did the majority of the damage? Every 2 deaths it'd be buffed +12 attack, and with the summons that should be quite a few buffs.

  • 18 Summoned pirates at 1 base attack and DW's +3 attack for a total of 72
  • The original scallywag for 2 attack, plus DW's +3 for a total of 5.
  • Golden crocolisk with base attack of 8, DW's +3 and then 9 procs of +12 for a total of 119.
  • Golden Khadgar with base attack of 4, DW's +3, then twice for a total of 14.
  • Non-golden Khadgar with base attack of 2, DW's +3 for a total of 5.

Grand total of 215, more if the Khadgars die before the crocolisk giving it another +12 buff.

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