Blinken: Crimea a ‘red line’ for Putin as Ukraine weighs plans to retake it

I can understand that, but that's you, out there in the direct war effort, maybe doing what you signed up for (or maybe not), but I do wonder if people who say they feel this way all the time spare a thought for their parents, or partner, or kids ? Potentially back home, starving, in a world where the economy has collapsed and food supplies are fucked up ? What about the thought of slowly dying in the mud somewhere knowing their family are starving in poverty back home, or suffering radiation sickness ?

Do they consider they may get captured ? They are ready for firing a gun, but are they ready for or the reality of being tortured by an enemy that does not care about war crimes ?

What about facing the real possibility of nuclear war ? Their entire division getting nuked into oblivion followed within minutes by many of the world's major cities ? Not in a from-a-distance CGI apocalyptic movie/TV series/videogame way, but in reality ? A lot of these people can't even do without some snacks at hand whilst playing call of duty, let alone starving to death in an irradiated world.

What if they survive war and come back to a world that's changed forever, with all the things they enjoy gone ?

I'm not saying we should shy away from war with Russia if it becomes totally unavoidable, but very rarely in history is it totally unavoidable, and I'm just not sure some people always think these scenarios through before saying "Hell yeah! Bring it on !"

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