Blizzard, if there are time limited loot boxes such as Olympic, you should NOT allow your algorithm to give us duplicates. There is no good reason I should get the same legendary skin FOUR times.

Well, potentially opening myself to a lot of hate but here goes: I ranked up from 1-41 during this event and got the following skins:

  • Orange Olympics Tracer
  • Green Olympics Lucio
  • White Olympics Zarya
  • Torbjorn Olympics skin
  • Lucio Olympics intro
  • Tracer Olympics intro
  • a bunch of sprays, voice lines, etc

But seeing as how the even was ending last night and I didn't get the AWESOME Mercy red & white Swiss skin (my 2nd main Hero after Lucio) and the hot-damn-that's-cool Symmetra emote I caved in and purchased 85 loot boxes...and got this:

  • ALL of the Olympics skins except for D.Va and McGree, got Mercy duplicate 2 or 3 times, Red Wightlifter Zarya 4-5 times, and a few other dupes.
  • I got pretty much all of the Olympic emotes, intros, sprays, voice-lines

Also got the following non-event stuff:
* Valkyrie Mercy!!!
* Merciful (white) Ana and 2 of the rares
* Junker D.Va!!!
* Sparrow & Bedouin Genji!! (never played him but I might after this!)
* Midori (green) & Cloud (white) Hanzo rares
* Bleached (rare) & Toasted (epic) Junkrat
* HippityHop Lucio legendary!!!!
* some Mei rares
* Sigrun Mercy lengendary!!!!
* 1-2 Pharah rares
* Blood!! & Moss Reaper rares
* Cobalt (rare) Reinhardt :)
* Sand Roadhog rare
* Russet Soldier: 76 rare
* Cathode (white epic) & Deadlock (legendary) Torbjorn!!!
* Purple & Hot Pink Tracer rares & Ultraviolet legendary :)
* Horizon Winston legendary
* Taiga Zarya rare
* Leaf Zenyatta rare
* A bunch of coins due to duplicates that I used to buy stuff for my mains/favourites

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