Blizzard, please don't commit the same enormous mistake that Valve committed

It's pretty rare that I'll queue into QP or Competitive without at least one other person. I've added tons of people that I enjoyed playing with when we had randoms who were cool so I almost always have at least one person from my friends list playing the game.

I don't think Blizz should implement a pure solo queue just because part of the community doesn't like to be social. Especially since it absolutely will make queue times longer for everyone.

This is meant to be a team game, the best players will always be the ones who work well in a team. If you're looking for a good solo experience there are a myriad of games that evaluate your solo ability and OW is not one of them.

Just my two cents. If you're actually striving for top 500 and have the potential to make it there then you're probably also striving to go pro, in which case you'd need to form a team anyway. I don't see any issues with that. Organized teams are going to consist of the best players, of course they're going to dominate the leader boards.

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