Blizzard testing Horde vs. Horde and Alliance vs. Alliance Battlegrounds

The only thing blizzard hasn't tried is just letting the factions play together.

Lore wise, we've helped each other dozens of times, it makes ZERO sense that horde/alliance can't thematically team up and raid, pvp, guild, and dungeon together..

Why was there this massive story line multiple times of both sides teaming up to fight the Big Bad... only for us to go "akshually, we can't becuzzzz reasons"

Like its so fucking bizarre in 2021 that you can only play with certain people. I've literally helped Jaina, beat ur ass, then helped her again so many times its made my head spin.

Also, as a cow druid why can't I play with night elves? I literally 'studied' with them lore wise years ago, but if I see them out and about thats a no go?

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