Blizzard's president is out, studio to be co-led by a woman for first time in its history

She's only been with Blizzard since January, and now she's co-lead. Co-lead with some other jabroni who both have the exact opposite type of experience that Blizzard needs. Ya know, people familiar with the PC fanbase (both come from console backgrounds).

Sure, you took out Jay Allen "you think you do but you don't" Chucklefuck Brack; but you replaced him with more Activision-style bullshit. And naturally the idiots eat it up because "omg wamen in charge!". Yes, much like having a woman president; not a god damned thing will change because its a woman. In fact, I expect Blizzard IPs to get progressively worse (and they were already REALLY BAD post WotLK anyway).

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