Block a single script?

Well it is complicated, it works in uBlock, but since you can't turn internal dumb rules in Brave, you can't really know for sure which is one causing the issue, and then how to solve it from there.

It is just dumb the way Brave never allowed that from the beginning of development, I mean, adblocker is better than few months ago, but still internal lists get in the middle.

They also allow stuff I disagree with, but they have the control because you can't do much about it if the important modifier doesn't work.

It is so annoying. It could be easily solved by knowing why Brave is not behaving like uBlock, I noticed some differences in the blocking but then I got annoyed remembering why I switched to other browsers, for stuff like this when you don't have freedom.

I think you should report this to community brave or see if they can fix it by using "report a broken site" in the menu. because only they can fix this.

You can use this garbage bootycheeks butts solution like @@||^$ghide and see if t works for you, it worked for me, because we don't know what Adblocker is doing, there is not a logger like uBlock, so it is impossible to know which filter is being used and how and why and what.

At least you will keep blocking elements so you don't turn the shields off.

That's how you do it though, specifics to websites, that's why filter lists are like thousands and thousands of lines, not everything is some generic rule.

But Brave apparently added support for redirect-rule which will help on other cases and they still haven't pushed it because it still doesn't seem to work and I saw people talking about fixing stuff about it few days ago.

Anyway, that's how you deal with Brave adblocker, you have to write them and then wait for them to fix it and then life goes on until the next website breaks, but there is a section in Brave community for adblocker detection, so not hard to report it.

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