Blu e-cig recharable equivelent in Canada?

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Next, I'm going to say something you're not interested in hearing. I sincerely hope it isn't annoying, I am simply compelled to do my bit to drive the point home. Blu, Vuse, Mark 10 and other cigalikes are made by tobacco corporations. I, and some other vapers, have an axe to grind in regards to these death-peddlers. I recommend against using their products for several reasons. They are technologically inferior, in that they are produced to provide a lesser vape experience than proper hardware -- they don't want people to stop smoking cigarettes, so they won't put out a quality vape product.

Next, as I understand it (and I could definitely be wrong) they contain high levels of nicotine. If your interest is to taper your nicotine levels down to zero and rid yourself of nicotine altogether, these products may not allow for that process. Again, this is my understanding and I haven't looked into the matter at length...if I'm incorrect I hope someone will advise me of the truth in the matter.

Finally, the money. Disposables are inevitably more expensive than a modern setup. Throwing them away like a cigarette butt is a familiar feeling, which may be comforting...but the cost of doing so, if this is something you wish to consider, may not be worth it to you.

Food for thought, nothing more. My goal in this isn't to badger you into doing something different, but rather to inform you of your options just in case you're apprehensive about the ridiculous variety of products out there. Lots of us on this sub and others, including /r/Canadian_ecigarette, are more than willing to guide you in the process of deciphering the incredibly complex vape market.

So, in TL;DR summary style, I submit for your consideration that a more satisfying and customizable vape experience can be had with more substantial vape gear - flavour can be far beyond what you've experienced with cigalikes - tobacco companies are evil and I hope someday they're extinct - nicotine dosage decrease AFAIK isn't easily reduced with cigalikes.

Forgive me for any errors I may have made, especially if my assumption that you might be interested in exploring other vaping hardware isn't correct.

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