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Hi everyone!

I'd be extremely grateful if someone voiced their thoughts on this blurb. It's for a novel I'm about to publish. It deals with sex/sexuality, but is not erotica per se. Hope that's OK.

Many thanks in advance!


Based on a true story

Your life can be both a comedy and a tragedy. Especially your sex life. Especially if you spent your entire youth in a borderline celibate mode and are now jeopardizing your long-term relationship to catch up on what you missed. There will be hilarity and embarrassment, there will be jealousy and lots of experimentation going on. You may want to see what the world of online adult entertainment has got to offer. Or you could go and pay for sex in real life. Or you just start a real affair. And if you’re a bit snobbish, neurotic, insecure, geeky and jealous of your girlfriend’s toxically masculine but psychotic friend, you’ve got yourself one huge debacle.

“Raw Sexuality, or A Year of Indiscretion” is a novel about sexual self-discovery and polyamory, about questioning society’s values and ideas when when it comes to sex and relationships, about letting out one’s own demons and making compromises, about misanthropy and cultural identity.

And of course the Internet.

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