BM ratcheting up the nonsense

My husband no longer answers BM’s phone calls. All communication is documented over text. If it’s an emergency she can text and say so and then he will answer.

She’s pregnant with another child and we thought that might distract her from her constant stream of pointless communication, but it’s only gotten worse. She “seems” happy with her new boyfriend but she finds EVERY little reason or excuse to text my husband. “SS had diarrhea once today but he’s fine now.” (Diarrhea happens to kids.) “I forgot to give you one of his socks at the switch off, can we meet so I can get them to you?” (As if we don’t have socks for him, ) She used to call and say SS missed him and they are on their way to his place of work to say hi, and if my husband told her no, she’d start screaming, with SS in the car, about how he didn’t care about his son and should sign his rights over. Not the case at all, he sees his son every couple days and it’s not appropriate for her to drop by his work like that.

Husband and I have SS, whose 5, and our 10 month old son. We’ve been married over a year. She’s had a few boyfriends and like I said, she’s now pregnant. We keep waiting for her to start letting go. I don’t think she misses him romantically per se, I think she just misses having control over him and his life. I think it still drives her crazy that he moved on quickly and is in a stable relationship.

Whatever it is, the bullshit constant communication on her end needs to stop. I doubt her soon to be BD has any idea of the frequency in which she’s texting her ex.

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