Bob Woodward's 'Fear' is the fastest selling book since 'Go Set a Watchman'

Not the guy you responded too and I didn't vote for Trump or Hillary. If you are interested, you can google the scandals related to the Clinton Foundation for why many don't like her. There is also her extremely neo-conservative bent on war which made Trump one of the least likely candidates to start WW3. This was Trump's largest betrayal of his base as well. Say what you want about Alex Jones and how crazy he is (he definitely is) he cried on national radio (probably at least partially worked up on purpose) because of Trump's decisions in relation to Yemen and general pro-intervention foreign policy decisions. War, being mass murder, is the most important issue and one which Trump's instincts on where superior to most. He did not earn my vote but I do think he is objectively superior to Clinton if you go by the amount of people slaughtered or maimed. There is also the fact that Trump is genuinely a moderate with extremely milk toast views on most things.

I don't like Trump and will not be voting for him. That said, Clinton, if you actually research her, is an objectively (or at least was before he took office) worse person and greater threat to humanity. The North Korea Summit alone is likely more for humanity than any modern president has done.

Trump said mean things in the primary. He advocated a lot of bad policies. It does not seem that he killed anyone, made deals with enemies of the united states (Saudi and many others) with a legal shell charity, or vote for the war in Iraq. Next to supporting mass slaughter (and likely genuinely having people killed or at least being tacitly complicit in their deaths) Trump's mean things and border policy which is almost identical (actually not as extreme as the one Bill ran on and Hillary supported) doesn't seem that bad. Not wanting to get into a war with Russia is another plus for me.

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