Boenhoffer's Theory of Stupidity argues that it is more an enemy of the Good than Malice because while "one may protest against evil; it can it can be exposed and prevented by the use of force, [but] against stupidity we are defenceless...Reasons fall on deaf ears".

SS: This is prescient when applied toward the inexhaustable efforts of the VACCINE proponent. They simply ignore critical analysis of those are against changing the definition of VACCINE (innoculation) to preventative (MRNA). They simply ignore all evidence of their own stupidity when all evidence points toward monetary gain, and political ignorance against free will.

All it takes to prove their stupidity is substituting the term "VACCINE" for something less political, say "MARIJUANA". If you enforce giving ALL persons of a community a MARIJUANA PILL by force, their case falls apart.

Whether MARIJUANA is safe or not is not the salient point here, but the question is can an agent force a pill into your self either by mouth or not.

This point can be expounded by much, but will only be cut short for brevity.

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