bois gotta talk pls

Fuck society. Yes this mantra was stolen from Mr. Robot and several other "rule-breaking" shows, and yes maybe by saying fuck society, a society is formed in itself, but fuck that to. People think just because they fit into a little bubble and they enjoy the little things everything is all good, but thats a bunch of bullshit created to make people docile and not notice the really fucked up shit people are doing. In my reasonable opinion, everyone should get a little taste of whats its like to not be part of society, because its both awful being an outcast and it's wonderful being "free". You may ask, "the fuck does this guy know" or "why is his opinion worth my time" and if you ask that, i don't really give a shit, because i'm just here to state my mind and inform thise who may be confused. People say so often that the old are wise and it's odd to see under 30 being wise at all. But why? Because it is weird to see someone so "young" to know so much about society. The old have being bent over by society so many times they "wise up" and understand finally that society is bullshit, but they can do close to nothing as they are seen as "wise and knowing" while also being "senile and crazy". So, if the wise old are seen as a contradiction and the wise young are seen as silly babies how are we supposed to get a point across wothout looking like maniacs or rebels of a society everyone else thinks is good. This is exactly why so many of the current conflicts are pushed away without a second glance because giving a shit about the important things has become an attention soaked societal thing that defeats the purpose of wanting people to do anything about anything. I'm not going to end this telling you how you can fix this because I don't know. Toppling society would cause chaos which could be good or more likely horrible. Trying to "fix" society woild only make things worse and forming a new society would take more years then anyone alive has left to live. Whatever can be done to change the fucked up society this world is trapped would most likely fuck the world up even worse so i'll end with this: Give a shit or don't, do something or don't, it doesn't really matter unless the very special few who can do something, do something.

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