Bone heads getting stomped out at the Reagan Youth show in garden grove

This is shameful, immature, unwise, illegal, and a waste of fucking time. They rolled in here looking for a fight that they knew they were going to lose, and it happened. Now they have a videotape of something like "leftist thugs beating peaceful conservative attendees."

Do not allow them to control the narrative. Do not fuel the disinformation.

This plays into the narrative of neo nazis/skinheads/white power/whateverthefuck being a class of people who are persecuted.

How did that shit in Sacramento in June 2016 go? A bunch of decent people got stabbed and the nazis got a bunch of propaganda fuel to spread their story that THEY are the ones who suffer.

Can you honestly tell yourself that the bruised and beaten people here are going to look in the mirror and change their lives? No. They're going to go out and buy a fucking gun, or start slipping razor blades into their clothes, and somebody is going to get fucking murdered.

The whole "let's beat them out of the streets" or whatever is a stale fucking joke. It's outdated, it's barbaric, and it's beneath us.

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