Book of Nicegirls

I've known three women who actually fit this description, my dumb ass fell for two of them, who were kind enough to be chill with me when we were in school years back.

known these women from 10 to 35 years now, one runs a multibillion dollar commercial real estate investment trust now, one programs/manages at a dark pool algo shop in London, one is the lesser senior legal counsel for a multibillionaire investment firm in Europe.

All three came from modest middle class roots in the NYC area. Their minds were working multiple times faster than their classmates, even at Ivy League or equivalent Masters/PhD programs.
We approach our forties and none of them ever really had a lasting relationship afaik...

People say "the entire world is their oyster", but really it's "the entire world is their fishbowl, and they're the cat."

All three of these ladies have nine, ten, maybe eleven digit signing authority for contracts/deals/negotiations, how many people in the world can say that? 40,000 maybe? how many are women? 3000?

The entire world is their play thing, the idea of them finding a single "spouse" doesn't compute.

The women in that book in the OP are just prats who were miseducated.

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