Book recommendation for Epictetus

Assuming one already has a computer as the article does, probably get a recording package. They usually come with a free DAW but if not just use Reaper for free. Get the accessories that doesn't come with the package. And buy a decent pair of budget-friendly monitors which the article doesn't take into account.
It's more important for a beginner to learn how to use proper mic placement, eq, and compression in order to get a good sound rather than using an Audio-Technica mic and Pro Tools. When I was studying audio engineering at my local community college, there were some students who could make a Neumann U87 mic through a SSL console sound horrendous. There were also students who could make a SM57 straight into a USB interface and Cubase sound superb. So the technical side is far more important than the name recognition side.
So something like
Focusrite Scarlet Bundle that includes interface, DAW, mic, mic cable, and headphones - $169.99
Mic stand - $19.99
Pop filter
4.5" monitor pair - 199.95
Speaker cable - $8.45
and you're at about $410. Cheaper than the article's suggestions and plus you get some decent monitors that will help out a lot.

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