Book repairs.

That’s fine. But just realize that you cannot save every book

Without our advice, you will still end up some day looking at some beat up reprint with a torn cover and you will say “welp, i can’t save them all”

My point is very simple: if you do not know right then and there, as you are considering buying a book, if it is not worth it, then it is not worth it.

At some point after looking at enough books, you will know. It takes time.

There is no universal rule. And the vast majority of books are commercially or collectibly low in value. It’s just math.

I have seen it a million times. Beginning collectors buy randomly, hopefully, wishfully, and romantically, believing that they are saving books.

Eventually they realize they have spent good money on a lot of books they themselves don’t really want. Then they slow down, dial back, and begin to practice a little discernment.

It’s like a kid at the beach saving every little seashell. They are all amazing when you look at them. But you can’t save them all. And you realize there are waaaaaay more than you can afford to keep.

Collecting means a book either fits or it doesn’t. No one collects “books”. They collect a certain kind of book. Very different.

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