The Bootcamp Where Students Train To Be Pro-Life Foot Soldiers (2019) An insight into the mobilization of young people in the pro-life movement. An insight into the documentary "“Write down three similarities between the Holocaust and abortion.”

So lets summarize the criticisms this short documentary lays out shall we?

1) This organization is funded through donations, much of which is from extremely wealthy backers. I dont really see a point in this critisizem at all. People who believe a certain idea pay money to promote that idea. Do I need yo point out where Vice gets most of its funding?

2) One of the videos shown is apparently inaccurate. He claims the statistics given were wrong but does not site them so I guess we will take the hosts word for it. The critique of the video being graphic makes no sense. I have seen actual photographs of aborted fetuses, that video was tame in comparison. Depending on the age of the fetus the body must be removed from the uterus and if it far enough along it must be dissected to do so. What part was inaccurate?

3) The critique of tabling implies that woman do not support the prolife movement, when in reality they make up a majority of its active members. The vast majority of students in the video were woman. Or have I misinterpreted the video and the mere act of sharing ones beliefs openly what is being criticized?

4) The video critiques the comparison of abortion to the holocaust. In the simplest possible terms Pro-lifers believe abortion is murder, so believing the 2 are similar is entirely consistent. The host could tried to argue why the 2 are incomparable or why abortion isnt murder, he did neither. So am I supposed to be shocked that pro-lifers believe what they say they believe?

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