Borderlands 3: CEO Calls Original Claptrap Actor "Bitter And Disgruntled" Amid New Dispute

Easy, don't completely discount a common phrase that has absolutely been true in the past. You saying that "all publicity is good publicity" has never been true is a bold faced lie. The whole point of the phrase is that, good or bad, you're being talked about and burrowing into the subconscious of people who like AND dislike whatever it is you're doing/selling/making/etc. To say there's never been value or truth to that is ridiculous. If you want to say that, in the present there's not so much value to it, sure. Go ahead, but don't talk out of your ass.

I'm not defending who you're talking about either, I have no clue who it is frankly. Nor do I have any experience with the games you listed.

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