Borderlands 3 Official Developer Trailer

I don't understand it. The game is published by 2K. These are the same guys that locked half of Evolve behind a day 1 pay wall and charged 60 bucks for the other half. These are the same guys who have completely bastardized sports games into the biggest micro-transaction cluster fuck of the current gaming landscape. The same guys who absolutely hate the "entitled gamers" who think they are above having to spend more money on a game outside it's original price.

Have we gotten collective amnesia? Are guns with legs cool? But we both know that they don't justify what's going on at 2K and what the CEO honestly believes of the marketplace. It will have 1 billion guns, but 4 playable classes at launch. It will have 36 recolor options for those classes disguised as customization - and several "hair/mask" options that they will say warrants "THOUSANDS OF COMBINATIONS" the same way the game totes it has "ONE BILLION GUNS" which I'd wager is probably arbitrary. That was an awesome nod to Brick - who I'd bet isn't playable.

I'm not a huge Borderlands fan or anything. I honestly feel like after having played 1, 2 and the Pre-Sequel with an old girlfriend, there's nothing more these games have to offer me and I feel like buying 2 and the Pre-Sequel were almost unjustifiable because of how little they expanded upon the original game. I feel like everyone seems to have forgotten who 2K is and the fact they are publishing this game. Maybe I'm a killjoy - or I'm entitled - possibly even stupid... but I'd like to think that reminding people of what goes on behind the awesome trailers and hilarious comedy - a developer with an unabashed love for fun and a publisher who is out only to ruin the wonderful product they've created. Every dollar we spend on Borderlands 3 is another dollar supporting the worst perpetrator of micro-transactions available today - "2K Games, 2K Sports and Rockstar Games, is prioritizing development that integrates them into the overall game, " the kind you are forced to interact with.

I don't mind getting downvoted to shit now - it's a Borderlands trailer thread I deserve whatever I get.

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