Borderlands 3 has sold in 5 million copies after its first 5 days of launch making Borderlands 3 the fastest-selling title in 2K history and highest-selling title for the label on PC.

I'd love to be proven wrong, but the PR talk that skirts around actually showing something of substance speaks far more volume than "WE HAVE 2x MORE PLAYERS THAN WE DID 7 YEARS AGO".

How does it "speak volumes" when 2K always release sales data like this? They don't release specifics for any given platform--it's always a total across platform, with little vague details about performance peppered in (like the "fastest selling in the first five days" stuff).

As an example, look for platform specific information regarding Bioshock Infinite. All you can find are totals across platforms. Same with BL2.

If sales were blowing their previous games out of the waters, you know damn well Pitchford & Sweeney would be screaming it from the mountain tops

Sweeney and Pitchford cannot release that information, as they do not own it. 2K Games owns it, and if they are cagey about giving specific numbers, they are not going to give those guys permission to release them.

You are never going to get the exact numbers you want.

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