‘Borderlands’: Edgar Ramirez to Play Atlas In Lionsgate’s Adaptation Of Popular Video Game

How was my reply even rude? I said you're incorrect, and somehow that's crossing a line? I "picked her out" because they have posted the same thing again and again. Look at their comment history, multiple Borderlands threads have them chiming in with this false info, that mischaracterizes the development process in a very significant way. Honestly forget it, you seem determined to come to the defense of this person and to ensure r/movies remains a source of speculation and conjecture. That doesn't seem like a very productive use of anyone's time, but at least I know now to just skim the article titles and not give the comments a second thought. The only factual info in their comments were the names, everything else was so twisted around it might as well be fantasy. If the trades actually claimed any of that, then don't believe a thing you read from any of them from now on.

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