Borderline Personality Disorder

BPD is very intrusive into everyday life, every day thoughts, patterns, etc. it spills into the way someone views life, relationships, money, themselves... literally everything. It’s like a pendulum.

It’s very unpredictable and up and down. I have been lightly diagnosed but mine is due to trauma and interrupted and stalled childhood development. But then again- all personality disorders are really from some type of fragmentation in childhood.

Talk therapy has helped me deal with much of my black and white thinking and identity difficulties. I am much, much better than I ever have been. No, you can’t be “healed” from BPD but there are gradients and mine was never that severe to begin with. I was “diagnosed” with bipolar before. Depending on who I talked to, I could be diagnosed with anything or not diagnosed with anything.

The only thing I would say as far as PMDD Is that my nervous system feels overwhelmed by any overload of stressors or too much sensory stuff going on. This is true for both. If I take good care of myself and practice mindfulness etc, I am much better.

What other questions do you have?

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