Bored With My Life So I Bought A 1-Way Ticket to Bangkok, I Leave In 7 Hours AMA

I wanna pry like a piece of shit and ask you all the humiliating and haunting details about your childhood, family, romantic, educational, and professional life that got you here. But I respect your situation - only do so if sober, and if you are sure this won't come back to haunt you, as we've seen from users' careless reddit comments in recent events.

Only retards mention Bukowski, but there's an "I don't care, your life is a sham, we're living out what you feel" draw to the attitudes of people like us. It's a bit the same with journalists who write cringeworthy 14,000 word thinkpieces on pepe frog posters and imageboard humor. We comment about them privately in our irrelevant enclaves, they can't stop themselves using their comparatively enormous platforms to respond to us, legitimizing us in the process. The safe people they surround themselves with don't support them as well as they need, the baggage of doubt they feel instinctively, and accurately, finds in places like this and in the stories of people like you its release dock. The aggression shows what veins have been hit, the transparent effort spent doctoring those reactions to appear unaffected shows it doubly. Like the child suffering the religious lecturing of a strict father finding a notebook under his study desk detailing his sex fantasies, they find it increasingly hard to ignore places like this the next time they get moralized to or feel the urge to spread, like dear dad, what they know is a fraud.

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