Boris Johnson said UK's poorest communities are made-up of 'chavs,' 'burglars,' 'drug addicts,' and 'losers'

Yeah, and they’ve got more heart and soul than you will ever have, you toffee nosed, silver spooned, bumbling fuckwit. You make me fucking sick. I’d love for you to spend a year living how we live under your successively incompetent and generally disgraceful governments. I want you to feel hunger. I want you to struggle and feel the hopelessness of a young mother trying to raise a child whilst holding on to a job, living on your paltry handouts. You should be lined up with the rest of your overpaid wanker friends and lashed.

Your lack of respect for this country and her people is despicable.

What goes around, comes around sunshine and I hope you’re first in line.

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