Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 204 - MANGA READERS ONLY - Links and Discussion

Bro this is definitely worthy of being next to 65/175/189

I said that those 3 are still the top 3 for me, not that this is trash, people are insane if I do not say this is masterpiece the entire forum came for me.

The episode could have been better if they tried to not follow the panels so closely, it lacked flow and I expected them to make Naruto and Sasuke use at least an extra ability like with Momoshiki but the manga is holding them back.

That's it, I know the fight is good but this sub cannot any criticism, I literally list the entire list on why did not like as much as the other 3.

Yeah this is top 5 episodes animation wise and was still but it was not my point.

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