Bostick can laugh about it

I learned never to watch big Packer games with non-football fans. Watched it with my shitty brother and his shitty wife. I remember going into it not expecting to win, as Rodgers was banged up and the environment Seattle is, and I foolishly had hope 2 minutes from 0:00. I was pumped in how awesomely the defense stepped up, how Rodgers was on one leg battling the greatest defense we've seen in how long...

As the tide turned, he and his wife started reveling in the odds-defying craziness and with exaggerated faces, actually getting off at how badly my team was blowing it and how much it must suck for me. I had to sit there and just wear a defensive expression of "Aw, shucks. Well, that's sports for ya." Inside I was completely dead and embarrassed.

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