The Boston Celtics shot 16 more free throws than the Miami Heat in game 3 of the Eastern Conference Finals (30-14)

It really doesn’t matter what game it is these playoffs, no matter the outcome people will come marching here claiming “this is the worst officiated game I have EVER seen, this is a disgrace!!!”

Like Jesus Christ people get a grip. You all need to realize that refs don’t vastly impact games. Just because there’s a large free throw difference does not mean the refs are shit.

It’s insane to me how I can sit through entire games, think most calls/no-calls are reasonable and maybe disagree with one or two things (which is completely normal considering basketball is hard as fuck to ref and the refs are human beings), and then I’ll come here and if you didn’t watch the game you’d think fucking Armageddon has come and it was an all time worst reffed game.

My personal theory is that 95% of people here can’t analyze a game of basketball worth shit so when they don’t understand what’s going on or don’t understand a call/no-call or want free karma they waltz on in here and use refs as a copout since they don’t have anything constructive to say.

I sound like a huge asshole here but I don’t care this place is fucking exhausting now

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