Boston nurse accused of stealing morphine from dying veterans, taking it herself

This isn't an isolated incident. Addiction rates among health professionals are the same as within the general public at large, but nurses and doctors have better access. Drug diversion is a huge problem.

Its not just the US. I was in the hospital in Canada two weeks ago and had a disturbing experience. Post-op, I was placed on 24 mg of hydromorphone per day. I'm convinced that I didn't receive a dose the first night but the night shift wrote down 3 mg administered. I awoke that morning clearheaded and in a lot of pain, with zero recollection of having been woken up to take any pills.

What can I say? I can't prove that my 3:00 am dose was diverted. But I was concerned enough to Google a bit. That self-same hospital had been reported to have a serious issue only two years ago, with up to 20% of opiates being diverted.

The problem is massive and largely unacknowledged.

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