Boston Uprising Player KDs Last Season

I know KD isn't super important in OW (I think Deaths / 10 min is a better stat) and, for some roles, not really important at all (off tank & support). However, I do think it has value when compared between players on the same team who play the same role. It indicates a form of added value (killing) for every life a player lives. If there is a large difference between two dps on the same team, it could signal one of the DPS isn't making as much use out of his lives. Then again, there may be bias based on roles, specific heroes, etc.

Regardless, I hope you find the graphic interesting :)

[All DPS]()

[All Main Tanks]()

[All Off Tanks]()

[All Supports]()

[Main thread with all teams]()

Some Notes

  • More maps played -> larger sized shape

  • League Averages DPS: 1.42 Main Tank : 0.81 Off Tank: 1.24 Support: 0.39

  • League KD Standard Deviations DPS: 0.31 Main Tank: 0.23 Off Tank: 0.30 Support: 0.26

[YouTube video commentating on the graphics]()

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