So i am a regular teen but i am immensely Gifted ( Dropout Could have been a scientist Physicist ,a biologist, a psychologist , a researcher, A marketer, An innovator ), i can think of software & Business ideas that can be the next big thing almost every single day

But i want to confess i am getting overpower by lust, i am hyper sexual, things just turn me on ( Voices, a pic in the newspaper, let alone seeing a video )& i can't get over it until i Fap, so what's the problem ?, this is interfering with work, i can't get to work, chase my dreams. But i am not going to give up on my dreams, not many people are gifted with such skills

i Really feel if bill gates was born in the late 90's he would had a really tough time reaching, where he is now, as today we are living in a world full of distraction, TV, internet, Instagram, Facebook, iPad, phones, Running after Sex..anyways i just wanted to tell the world, what my situation is, i will start practicing my focusing power with all the researches i have done, I will let you know what happens & Probably share my Researches.

( Special Mention ): I Just want to thank all the people who are commenting negatively, keep wasting your time, i know you are helpless.

i am going, i have to create a To-do list for tomorrow tasks. Bye

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