BOT USER got over hundred ultra premium collection from Pokémon center.

Thankfully it’s already illegal to price gouge essential products, we saw people getting in trouble for attempting to sell $10 toilet paper or buying large quantities (by large I mean hundreds, not a few bags to last a family for a bit).

That being said you can’t really make price gouging luxury products illegal, since its pretty much what the US economy is built on, and can have negative trickle down effects depending on how it would be enacted. Even then when you see a guy selling a box on eBay it could be hard to prove if he’s a scalper or just a dude that got lucky and decided to sell his one box.

That being said the one thing I could possibly see happening is making it illegal to use bots to purchase items. That would make life a lot better for everyone (well besides scalpers I guess) and wouldn’t interfere with the second hand market. I think the chances of this happening are extremely low, but I would be in favor of it if it did.

I think the more likely solution is the companies finding a way to stop scalpers, but that seems unlikely as of now.

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