At the bottom of a jar of coins from my late grand father I found what may (or may not) be an ancient Greek coin. Can anyone tell from these photos if it's real or a more recent fake?

Thanks. I kinda thought the same thing. I honestly know next to nothing about any currency from back then and was just going off internet searches.

I've got some other stuff that I'm about 99.8% sure is real that I'll post up in the next few days. I've got several pieces of eight that have marks on them that I've traced back to where they came from and where they were spent, which I assume means the vendor was checking them for authenticity. No where as old as this one coin "would have been" but late 1700's. Which is still cool to me. I don't realllllly collect coins, but I got all of my grandpa's coins when he passed, and I have books of US pennies from when they started making them with the Indian head, to when they switched to Lincoln, several coppers, and at least one of everything from about 1908 to modern day.

I'll be bored enough one day to go through every coin I have with a scope to look for double stamps and imperfections and maybe one day I'll find something. The pieces of 8 are kinda neat though, I'll post them up this week.

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