Bought my first typewriter, this Oliver Portable! Just wondered if anyone had any info on history, when it is from etc. Came with case and instructions but no date! Also, it's in great working order but is it meant to automatically change line at the margin?

Hello there, no, not automatically...
When in operational mode, the carriage return lever (red arrow) must be lifted so that it clears the top of the machine. When you get to the right margin (margins are set on the back of the machine) and cannot type any more (unless you press the margin release key -top left, with the arrow pointing up) push the lever from left to right (blue arrow).
This will return the carriage to the left margin and advance the paper by a number of lines depending on the line spacing setting (yellow arrow).
As the machine is a portable, it has a carriage locking mechanism for transportation (green arrow) which must be unlocked before typing.

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