Bought Sugar bud mule fuel packaged on June 14th 2021 and it had sticky adhesive on the seal with some crumbs stuck to the seal has this happened to anyone else? And did you smoke it

Yeah I'm super worried I have no idea why the lady at sugarbud said it was safe I just couldn't bring myself to smoke it so instead of tossing it gave it to my brother cause they told me that it was most likely just food grade adhesive and was safe. Well how is it safe of the morning after smoking a gram of it my brother is coughing up blood the second he woke up, I really hope that you didn't smoke any did you Adam? And if you look at my post with the seal yours has way more crumbs stuck to it I bought some Edison Mac 1 which is sticky busted it on my tray took the Edison seal and stuck it to the weed and nothing stuck to the seal and they still haven't got back to me

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