Bought this vertical mouse and my team is making fun of me that it’s too phallic.

Yeah if you keep doing the thing causing you problems, you keep having problems. PT can help you get back to things working right but if you're still doing the thing you'll just go back to hurting anyway. That's why desks that can go from sitting to standing exist, and all of the weird ergonomic chairs.

Just makes sense to get the right tools for the job. It makes sense for anyone who does any activity for prolonged periods of time to have decent equipment. Someone who doesn't do much with a mouse can use a regular one the same way someone who doesn't bike often will survive just fine wearing regular exercise clothes. Someone who wants to enter marathons or go long distances or something would buy those spandex outfits, and someone who uses a mouse every day really needs ergonomic everything.

Proper gear can look super weird to people who don't need it, but that doesn't make it any less useful.

Also as a regular biker who broke a toe in my flippy floppies at like 28, sometimes we do the thing more than we realize and just haven't caught on to the fact we actually need the gear. Plenty of regular mouse users would benefit from this weird shaped mouse, they just don't know it :)

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