Boy, 16, fatally shot while trying to sell Xbox: 'They killed my son over nothing,' mom cries

There absolutely is a reason to own a gun in Oakland. Your violent crime rate is 1685, with a property crime rate of 5943.

Maybe this has something, you know, to do with the insane amount of weapons in our country? No other country as developed as us has even remotely as bad of a violence problem. The biggest difference is their weapon laws. And countries who have outright banned weapons have seen drastic drops in violent crime.

I like guns, I go shooting often, and would like to go hunting sometime. But to say guns and gun laws are not the problem is the biggest load of shit, their is a direct correlation. If I could never shoot or own a gun again and it meant thousands upon thousands of people got to live another day I would give them up in a heartbeat. I think people who open carry all the time are either extremely fucking paranoid and need to wake up and realize the world isnt a shitty place, or they truly truly live in a shitty area. But just fucking move if it's that big of a problem.

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