Boy has nothing to eat,but when given two lolipops,he offered one to photographer.

Counter-argument, fellow redditor.

I used to ride this really obnoxious big wheel (those low on the ground, two small back tires, one huge front tire bikes). Mine was like really hard plastic so it would make noise like a motherfucker.

Anyway, getting to my point. That sound would always wake my neighbor's daughter up who was a girl my age at the time (roughly 8-9?) And everytime I circled past her apartment she would be standing outside with a lollipop in her mouth.

She would lock eyes with me everytime I passed her and say "WANNA LOOOOOOK?" meaning, "want to lick?" And she would point her lollipop at me. But she had a sort of accent so it sounded like "look".

Her family was really poor though, and so was mine. As someone pointed out in another comment, those who haven't had much, tend to be more generous. This story is funny to look back on now cause at the time I was weirded out cause no, I dont wanna lick your lollipop. But now, I find it funny but very heartwarming.

Sorry for the novel, but that girl is someone I'll never forget. She offered her only candy to me.

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