Boyfriend of 1 year (24m) constantly makes fun of me (20f) for enjoying 'mainstream' movies, tv shows, fantasy books and collecting figurine and so on, I've started finding it hard to enjoy these things without feeling very immature and silly, advice?

I'd have to look at all that cheap plastic and keep it out of a toddler's hand and step over it and just know that $100 X-Wing was somehow more important than school shoes or a 401K. That type of collecting doesn't speak well to fiscal responsibility and I would consider anyone who collected that way to not be long term material. sound sad. Why is it all or nothing? Maybe I take a little offense, as I'm sitting here in my office typing this looking at my ~25 certain-brand figurines I like to collect. But I can also sit here and think about how I busted to ass to get to a point where I can provide my child with whatever she needs, as well as maxing out my 401K contribution and being able to plan a nice, comfortable retirement. When I interviewed for my first "big time" software job (first non-entry level) the head of R&D for the company has his Mr Potato Head collection proudly displayed in his office. This is a man who was not only running R&D at a successful company, but it also internationally known to be an expert in his field (held sessions at, been the keynote speaker of many national conferences I've attended).

My wife, has her own little collection of fun things, like some Avengers bobble-heads, "silly" things like Harry Potter collectibles, etc. She also has her PhD, her own maxed out 401K contribution, and the ability to provide for our child even if I wasn't in the picture.

That type of collecting doesn't speak well to fiscal responsibility

I'm sorry if you've only dated/married man-children who can't even bother dust their own shit, much less be responsible enough to be able to BOTH provide for his family as well as be able to afford to buy some random silly shit that may bring a little unnecessary fun. You don't sound like much of a catch yourself, to be honest.

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