Boyfriend [31m] turns me [26f] down for sex 90% of the time.

I went through this not so very long ago and I had a really hard time dealing with feeling rejected/etc.

First of all- it's normal. It's not you. There are a million things that can cause this- honestly.

I found in my case that while I didn't feel like I was being too much- I really was being too much. It became this unspoken heaviness every time we were alone or going to bed or whatever. Even when I wasn't actively trying it had been talked about enough (is there something wrong.. is it me..etc) that is was on our minds. We'd always had an awesome, active sex life so for me I felt exceptionally insecure and like wtf just happened.

What I learned was to calm the fuck down. It took me a while but when I got it, it just worked. To this day I don't know why we were off for a while- as I've come to know him more I now know it can be anything from being stressed out at work/worried about something/feeling tired/just not in the mood. I also know that if I leave it alone and enjoy other aspects of our relationship he comes back raring to go very shortly afterwards.

It sucks a lot to feel like the person you love doesn't want you. Feeling rejected sucks, the insecurities suck- I know. & I can't speak for you, of course, but it took all of my 20's and the first year of my 30's to stop equating sex to love/worth. That sounds weird but really. For the longest time I felt like I HAD to have sex because that's how I felt validated/good enough.

I digress! My advice would be to try to put it as far from your mind as you can. Leave the lingerie for a while and focus on every other awesome part of your relationship. Give him a massage with no sexy-time intent. See if he wants to go do something silly together. Just hang out! I can almost promise you- once you're just having fun together- he'll be back to himself.

This is of course ruling out medical issues- but if it's similar to what I went though, it'll be just fine. Good luck & hang in there!

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